My Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine

Heya! It’s me and my skincare routine again! What have you been doing these days? I’m feeling inspired during this period…thank God…and my plan is to try and be more present here on the blog!

My evening skincare routine is as simple as my morning routine.

I use very few products, but they are effective and take proper care of my combination skin.

  1. The first step is, removing make-up, of course.
    I love my super-duper make-up remover…a very cheap and VERY good product:Diadermine Lait démaquillant hydratant (hydrating cleansing milk) for sensitive and dry skin.
  2. Diadermine Hydrating Cleansing Milk

  3. Then I wash my face with Verso Foaming Cleanser, a gorgeous product that I have already tested in a previous Verso skincare review!
    I always use it together with my Clinique Sonic Cleansing System Purifying Brush because it’s more effective.
  4. Verso Foaming Cleanser

    Clinique Sonic Cleansing System Purifying Brush and Verso Foaming Cleanser

    Verso Foaming Cleanser and Clinique Sonic Cleansing System Purifying Brush

    Verso Foaming Cleanser Airless Pump

    Verso Foaming Cleanser Ingredients

  5. Next step: applying the Verso Night Cream!
    Verso is simply perfect for me, their Retinol 8 is truly effective and since I use this brand, my complexion improved considerably; the epidermis is firmer, smoother, the fine lines are less visible, the skin is more plump and radiant!
    So, I recommend this brand and this product…in my case, Retinol is really a key element for keeping my skin fit and fresh!
  6. Verso Night Cream

    Verso Night Cream Ingredients

  7. The last step is the most important one: SLEEP! I sleep between 7-8 hours every night!
    If you don’t allow your body to restore during the night, it doesn’t matter what fancy and complex products you are using because they won’t be effective on long-term, keep this in mind!

What do you think about my evening skincare routine?

What are your secrets for beautiful and fresh complexion?

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  • Avatar Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing your routine. Especially the Verso products look just great – and sound very interesting – you know: I will give them a try!

    • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

      Hey Patricia! I’m so glad you find my routine worth reading! I hope you’ll share your opinion on Verso if you manage to give this brand a try :)!