26 random things about me

My name is Georgia Boanoro, I’m a 37 year old girl who loves luxury, minimalism, style, originality.

My blog is about high end beauty, niche cosmetics and luxury makeup products.

I think quality goes hand in hand with simplicity and ‘Less is more’ is one of my favourite quotes.

Here are a few things about me and if there is anything else you would like to find out, just let me know:


  1. I’m obsessed with my hands and nails…and with hands of other people. I think the hands can reveal a lot about one’s personality.
  2. I practice Yoga…and I must say that it saved me.
  3. I’m interested in all things that are organic; I love vinegar and use it to clean my house.
  4. I’m a “Neatfreak”…everything must be neat, clean, exact, in the right place and order.
  5. I love books…not only reading them, but also looking at them; I love their smell as well.
  6. I have begun writing on this blog because of my husband…he had the idea of a beauty blog.
  7. I collect pens and magazines.
  8. I love bamboos, bonsais and sun flowers.
  9. I’m afraid of cats.
  10. I absolutely love chocolate.
  11. I have 5 tattoos and plan for more.
  12. I have a 7 year old son who looks like me.
  13. I love avocados.
  14. I like to knit.
  15. I like to spend time alone with myself.
  16. I like lavender (the colour, the smell and the plant).
  17. When I meet someone, I like to guess the person’s astrological sign.
  18. My favourite colour is green.
  19. I would love to live in New Zealand.
  20. I love Snooker & F1 & Rugby.
  21. I’m very stubborn.
  22. I like to make fun of myself.
  23. I’m an art lover and my favourite design style is Art Deco.
  24. I’m very interested in Ayurveda.
  25. I’m a huuuge Agatha Christie fan, I read ALL her books.
  26. I love vegetable soup.