Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel

Hello lovelies! How are Christmas preparations going? I find that, besides getting our houses ready for the coming winter holidays, our skin also needs a nice prep. My favorite facial peel these days is the one from Susanne Kaufmann, which was kindly provided by the PR team for my consideration.

Susanne Kaufmann is a holistic care line created in an Austrian alpine village by Ms. Kaufmann herself, who started making her antiaging creams and aromatic oils in 2003 for her family’s Hotel spa, the Hotel Post Bezau situated in the Bregenz Forest.

All products are still made with ingredients from alpine plants -such as rosemary, horse chestnut and chamomile- grown in a neighbouring village; the range is entirely organic and made according to strict ecological principles.

Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats contain no chemical preservatives, no dyes, no PEG compounds; the brand doesn’t test on animals.

The products are gently created in small amounts, their packaging is made of glass and even the labels on the jars are glued manually.

Well, RESPECT! This is the only word, which comes in mind. If this is not perfection, I don’t know what is. The way they are creating these cosmetics, is pure art.

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel Glass Jar

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel Cream Texture

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel Ingredients
Now, about the Facial Peel.

I begin by saying that I’m a fan of peels and with my combination skin, this particular product is a must for me, because it cleans my pores and also the black heads which tend to form on my nose.

And although I have oily skin on my T-zone, my cheek area tends to dry especially during the cold season, so I have to pay attention to what I use, because an aggressive facial peel is not convenient for my complexion as it dries it excessively.

The Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel has a solid formula and a very nice and discreet citrus scent, which relaxes the senses.

I first cleanse and then spritz thermal water all over the face and neck; I use the spatula afterwards in order to apply the product and then massage it with circular movements for a few minutes, until the creamy base completely absorbs into the skin.

The jojoba wax pearls from the composition gently remove dead skin cells but also, while massaged all over the face, increase circulation; the creamy base hydrates and soothes the skin thanks to chamomile and sage, which are calming and anti-inflammatory.

The product acts very gently (and that is why, I recommend it to all skin types, even the very sensitive ones) but also very efficiently because, after the application, my pores are refined and my complexion glows.

I don’t need to apply a hydrating mask afterwards, I just use my serum and face cream.

This product is perfect for at home spa moments, when we need a quick fix for dull, tired and dehydrated complexion. I use it twice a week during the evening or every time I need a beauty boost.

The package is a beautiful glass jar which comes together with a spatula.

The price is €43,00/50ml and you can buy it on Susanne Kaufmann’s online shop.

Do you usually use face peels? What’s your favorite?

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