ABC it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 with Verso Skincare

I first found out about Verso Skincare in the November issue of the magazine Marie Claire Belgium. Knowing that I will find this brand at Kroonen & Brown– my favourite beauty shop here in Brussels- I was extremely excited when I was invited to an event that presented the latest in cosmetics.

Here I met Delphine Withouck, founder and owner of CSA Cosmetics, which represents the Swedish brand Verso Skincare in the Benelux.

With a lot of patience and pleasure, she took the time and told me about these luxury products created by Lars Friedriksson and offered me a “travel kit” for testing.

The kit contains the Foaming Cleanser, the Day Cream SPF15 and the Night Cream.

Verso Skincare products contain an ingredient called Retinol 8 that provides excellent anti-aging results.

It is a derivative of Vitamin A (a stabilized version that does not cause irritation), is not sensitive to UV and is also 8 times stronger compared to the standard retinol.

In addition to this ingredient, the products also contain Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Turmeric extract, these two having a very good interaction with Vitamin A.

The formulas are designed without parabens, mineral oils or dyes and are suitable for any skin type.

I have been testing the Verso Skincare products for three weeks already, using the Foaming Cleanser in the morning and evening and then applying the cream appropriated to the moment of the day.

I saw results after the 3rd usage and the ingredients really work.

I do not deal with many wrinkles, I just have some fine expression lines, so I do not know how/ if these products work on a really wrinkled skin.

I tend to believe, however, that they are effective even on the deepest traces of years / lifestyle.

It is the first time in my life when I see “the glow” of the skin (I should mention that I dealt with “the glow” after my body detox sessions, but the effects are still different).

The epidermis is extraordinarily smooth, firm and dense!

I’ve already used face products that work and make a difference to the quality of the skin but the Verso Skincare products exceed them by about 5 times.

Once I apply the day or night cream, I actually feel how my epidermis relaxes and after a few seconds while the product is absorbed, I see the glow that only a very young and very refreshed complexion can produce.

Wrinkles have not disappeared but they very much faded, I can hardly see them during the day.

My dark spots are non-existent (I am convinced, however, that they will reappear as soon as I will expose myself to the sun), and the contours of the face are lifted and refreshed.

Again, I do not have deep wrinkles or very loose skin (with 36 my skin only begins to loosen up a little, mostly under the chin), I don’t have sensitive skin and the pigmentation spots, which are increasing from year to year, don’t represent a major problem for me, yet.

Leaving these important facts aside, I must say that the Verso Skincare products impressed me most and I’m comparing them now with everything I have tried so far.

The Foaming Cleanser has a light formula and it takes very little product to clean my face and neck area.

It has a pleasant and very discreet smell but it must be used carefully because it tends to dry the skin.

It cleans extremely well and truly in-depth; among its ingredients there are two fruit enzymes (papaya and mango) that provide a light peeling effect.

Since using this product on a daily basis, the pores around my nose are much smaller and the blackheads that tend to form on the nose are almost non-existent.

I use it in the evening after the make-up removal and in the morning together with my Clinique brush for 100% cleansed, refreshed, toned complexion.

The Day Cream has a light formula, like a lotion, but with a rich consistency, which offers the skin the exact dose of hydration.

It takes very little product to cover the face, neck and décolleté; I’ve used my 15ml recipient for 3 weeks now and I do not think I’ve reached half of it.

It works great on my mixed skin and controls the T zone perfectly.

The Night Cream is identical in texture and smell with the Day Cream but the action feels stronger and I even sense a small tingling sensation a few seconds after application.

In the morning I wake up with a smooth, bright and fresh skin.

Verso Skincare is a minimalist skin care system which demonstrates how extraordinarily efficient simplicity can be.

There are currently 6 products available and each of them has a number:

1. Foaming Cleanser: € 32.00 / 90 ml

2. Day Cream SPF15: € 110.00 / 50 ml

3. Night Cream: € 110.00 / 50 ml

4. Super Facial Serum: € 130.00 / 30 ml

5. Super Eye Serum: € 90.00 / 30 ml

6. Dark Spot Fix: € 160.00 / 15 ml.

These products can be purchased on and on many other online stores across Europe.

For details you can access

For those of you who live in Belgium, you can find Verso at Kroonen & Brown (Brussels), Fin du Jour (Gent), Verso (Antwerp) and V&V Fashion (Bonheiden).

What do you think about my Verso Skincare review? Have you already tried these products?

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  • Avatar Olivia says:

    Thanks for sharing, Georgia! I haven’t heard of Verso skincare before but I would love to try them as I have fine lines. Have a nice day!

    • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

      Thank you for your visit, Olivia! If you will ever have the opportunity, try Verso, you will love their products!

  • I’m so glad to read that these work on a combination/mixed skin! I couldn’t find that anywhere and would really like to try these products. As they last so long I’ll fist be ordering the travel sized kit. Do you have any expercience with the eye cream?
    Thank you for this great and clear review!

    • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

      Hi, Sara! Thank you for your visit! They are great products, indeed…I also use the eye cream and I will write about it, as well; it is a great product, very light and with great effect on fine wrinkles…it also helps depuff the eye area and has a lifting&toning effect.