Daily Essentials: No-Makeup Routine

More important than choosing a shade of lipstick or blush in the morning is cleansing your skin. I’m not sure if I stressed this enough, but I’m doing it now: a healthy skin starts with a great cleansing routine.

At the moment I’m enjoying a gentle cleansing milk and a micellar lotion, both by Avène.

Two years ago I only used Avène products to care for my skin, because it was the only dermo-cosmetic brand I trusted and I read a lot of great reviews on their products.

Meanwhile, the broad offer on the market made me want to try other brands, but I’m glad to have the opportunity of enjoying their quality again (all thanks to Georgia).

Every night, just like a broken disk, I start removing the makeup and all impurities off my face.

I use exactly three cotton pads and start by watering the first one, using one pump of the cleansing milk and removing the eye makeup.

I then turn it on the other side and repeat the process.

The second cotton pad goes through the same process and I use it to cleanse the rest of my face and the last one is soaked in micellar lotion and used all over.

Only then can I move to using a washing gel and applying treatments and moisturizers.

The cleansing milk has the ideal packaging, with a small pump that can be locked, it’s very hygienic.

The texture is balanced, not too heavy, not too runny (it is definitely a lot creamier than the Balea cleansing milk that I’ve been using until recently).

It’s easy to distribute, even without watering the cotton pad (I only do that because I got used to).

Another way I use this cleanser is to first wet my face, massage it into the skin and then use the dry cotton pad to wipe off the dirt and makeup.

It’s creamy, soft and it doesn’t dry my face.

Besides, it does a great job at removing my beloved Big&Daring mascara by Avon, which is a pain in the arse.

The product does a good job at removing the makeup, but being only the first step in my routine, I count on it to take care of the cluster.

But I never use just one makeup remover.

The perfume is discreet and pleasant.

On Beautypedia (one of my most trusted sources) it’s rated GOOD.

Indeed, the perfume (an irritant) should have nothing to do with a product destined to sensitive skin, but I have no worries, since I wash it away.

On makeupalley it received 4 out of 5 points.

I wasn’t very impressed with the micellar lotion, to be honest.

In a few words: it has perfume, which is quite strong and it irritates my eyes a little bit.

On the other hand, it’s a great cleansing product and leaves my skin…refreshed.

I also like the fact that it doesn’t dry it out.

I use this to cleanse whatever is left after using the cleansing milk and I insist underneath the eyes, because my mascara is usually pretty determined to make me look like a panda.

All in all, I’m more keen on the Bioderma and Garnier micellar lotions, especially on the second one (because of the great quality/price ratio).

On makeupalley it received 3.5 points.

Ignoring the perfume, the ingredient list is pretty clean.

The products have 200 ml each. I’m already using them for about a month and you can barely see I’ve used the cleansing milk.

As far as the micellar lotion goes, I’m about to run out of it.

That’s probably because I also use it in the morning, before washing my face.

One negative aspect, in my opinion: the price.

The cleansing milk is about 16€, and the micellar lotion about 15€ I already said that I prefer the Garnier micellar lotion, because it’s twice as big and a lot cheaper.

I really like the cleansing milk, but I would rather spend that money on a good hydrating cream or an exfoliant.

Have you used any of the above products? Did you like it, would you repurchase it?

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