True Organic Of Sweden – All You Need Is Me

True Organic Of Sweden - All You Need Is Me

Hello ladies! Today’s article is about a truly fantastic cream called ’All you need is me’ (I love this funky name)!

I received it about 6 weeks ago from Tina de Sousa, founder of True Organic Of Sweden-a minimalistic organic brand that focuses on creating two basic products, namely creams and deodorants.

‘All you need is me’ is Tina’s first creation; it was born out of the need and desire for an efficient and multipurpose balm, which could safely be used on babies as well.

The cream has a thick consistency and smells of beeswax; it becomes more fluid when in contact with the warmness of the skin and it absorbs almost instantly.

It has an immediate calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

All you need is me’ is a truly multitasking product which heals and takes care of a lot of skin (and hair) issues.

True Organic Of Sweden - All You Need Is Me Cream

Information about All You Need Is Me by True Organic Of Sweden

Sample on the skin - True Organic Of Sweden - All You Need Is Me

Ingredients of Information about All You Need Is Me by True Organic Of Sweden

I use it:

  • as a hand mask and I let it work it’s magic throughout the night
  • as a hair mask for the tips of my dehydrated hair; it absorbs into the hair quickly and completely, it becomes invisible after a few moments and gives the hair tips a wet and shiny look.
  • as a cuticle moisturiser; although I cut them, this cream really hydrates them to perfection and so I’m able to prolong the period between cuticle cutting up to 2 weeks.
  • as an eyebrow fixing gel; it keeps them in place stylishly and gives them a great shine. The castor oil from the composition works as a treatment and makes them grow thicker.
  • as a lip balm; it really works fabulously for the lips, it soothes them and gives them a nice natural shine. My son and husband use ’All you need is me’ as a lip balm as well and they are really impressed because it’s the only product which is effective for them (they sometimes have horribly chapped lips).
  • as a face cream. I use it on my cheek area which tends to dry during the cold season. It is comfortable to wear and not greasy at all. It also acts like a beautiful make-up base.
  • as a highlighter on the tops of my cheeks.
  • as a treatment for my eczema which tends to appear between the fingers of my left hand during the cold season.

I can’t wait for the summer to be here in order for me to try the product after sunbathing. I think it will smooth and calm the skin beautifully.

It is available in both 15ml and 50ml sizes, and the price for the full size is €34.

The formula doesn’t contain: mineral oil, silicones, parabens, alcohol, water and even the package is green, it is made of sugarcane and looks and feels really cool.

What do you think about ‘All you need is me’? Do you usually use green beauty products?

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  • Avatar Loredana says:

    I have used their cream and roll-on deodorant. Got them in Stockholm Beauty Week last year, and got in love with the cream! Very hidrating, however not so good smelling 🙂 But I guess in order to create a green product, you must cut of all the perfumes and artificial ingredients.
    Nice pics, by the way! 🙂