Tromborg Multivitamin Facial Mask

I’ve already written an article about Tromborg in which I described the best scrub ever : “The Body Salt Scrub Orange”. The Danish brand has an unquestionable quality and everything I’ve tested so far, thanks to the Tromborg PR team, suited my needs perfectly.


Multivitamin Facial Mask

No matter what your skin type is – dry, combination or oily – this vitamin mask will balance the skin’s moisture content according to its individual needs.

With the Multi Vitamin Facial Mask, you can easily and effectively become your own professional therapist.

Its content of vitamins A, E, F, H, B3, collagen, Carbamide and anti-inflammatory Allantoin leaves skin deeply cleansed and super-hydrated with a fantastic, natural glow.


My opinion

The Multivitamin Facial Mask has a very interesting gel texture and a lovely floral scent.

It is an extremely pleasant, light and very effective product.

I apply it after lightly exfoliating the skin and I let it sit until it fully penetrates the epidermis.

This product really rescued my skin after the cold season (when it was very dehydrated and dull), by offering the exact dose of nourishment.

Now, during the warmer days, it rejuvenates, soothes and offers my complexion a healthy and attractive glow.

It is the kind of mask that adapts to the needs of the epidermis and, for me, it is a pleasure to use it; after every treatment, my pores are diminished, the wrinkles are less visible, the skin is firmer, cleaner, more refreshed.

The product also helps with healing acne scars (due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients) and makes pigmentation spots less visible.

The mask feels comfortable, refreshing, it doesn’t drip off the face and I don’t need much product to cover the face and neck area.

It is stored in a plastic jar with a lid, and the price is about 38€ / 50ml.

You can purchase the Multivitamin Facial Mask by accessing the Tromborg online store; if you live in Brussels, you can find all the ranges at The Library.

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