The Library

The word “library” has always made me think about calmness, about a warm, cozy ambiance with a pleasant smell, a discrete natural light and a very strategically located artificial light.

These are the words which best describe my normal day at the office; I’m lucky, I know that.

Even my 6 years old son told me when he first visited me at work: “Maman, tu as de la chance!”.

These were his exact words, which of course made me laugh, especially because I realized he was right and because he was able, despite his young age, to synthesize my excellent working conditions.

“The Library” is actually an original and extraordinary concept proposed by Anne-Sofie Rehfeld.

This stylish lady has an exquisite taste for beauty, art, interior design and she has recreated the idea of the office; she offers cozy and fashionable working spaces which are at the same time equipped with all the necessary supplies needed for a small company to function perfectly.

There are currently two such “Libraries” in Brussels; both look impeccable and the minimalist Scandinavian style embellished with precious vintage items makes one feel at ease.

Luxury is everywhere: from the towels and hand soaps, from the carpets lying on the floors and to the provided services, everything reveals quality, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Moreover, routine is almost nonexistent here because every single day is different from the previous one.

Co-working practiced in both libraries brings about more dynamism to the everyday working life, it also gives rise to continuous interaction with people who have different callings and interests, and it also brings about events of all kinds: from cocktail parties to mindfulness meetings, from branding seminars to health events.

The Library is hence a community whose members work at their own pace in their own field, they have as much intimacy as they need, yet, they never feel isolated.

Sky Room Lounge
This is the lounge area from the sky room! It’s my favourite place, where I like to drink my coffee in the morning or after lunch!

What do you think about this concept?

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