Tested: Tromborg Body Salt Scrub Orange

I first got to know Tromborg at The Library, where we use the hand soaps and hand lotions on a daily basis. Tromborg is a Danish beauty brand and their primary principle is that ‘less is more’. It’s minimalist and uses the best organic and natural ingredients for their products.

Marianne Tromborg’s (founder and creator of this brand) personal philosophy about beauty is, that ‘It must be easy and manageable to look good – in no time.’

All this sounds very impressive to me, and when I had the opportunity to choose some products for testing, I was very happy and grateful.

Tromborg Body Salt Scrub Orange

“A gentle exfoliating salt scrub with fine salt crystals from The Dead Sea combined with Almond Oil and other essential oils.

The fragrant mix of salt and oil massaged over skin during the bath offers its comforting scents.

Body Salt Scrub will exfoliate and soften the skin making it feel like new, soft as silk and with a healthier look.

Dead skin cells are removed and skin gains a new radiance.”

My opinion

This is the best ever body scrub!

Although I never thought that I’d find a product that exfoliates better than coffee grounds mixed with coconut or olive oil, this product is absolutely fantastic!

It has a light texture and a very pleasant orange scent.

Before use I mix the product in order for the oils to spread evenly inside the container; I prefer to use a spatula and try not to let water get into the product.

Since it’s an all-natural product, I try to take care of it in order to make it last longer.

The exfoliating particles are exactly how I like them, neither too harsh nor too soft, and the oil leaves the skin incredibly soft, smooth and firm.

It improves the appearance of cellulitis and stretch marks.

It moisturizes perfectly and makes the skin glow.

The epidermis feels comfortable, smells divine and the surface is visibly improved from the very first use.

The skin on my body is very dry during the cold season but after using this scrub, I don’t even need to apply body lotion, because the oils from this product work great and they also have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

I heartily recommend this product because it is one of the few beauty items that actually makes a difference from the first use.

Tromborg Body Salt Scrub Orange can be purchased from the Tromborg on-line shop and the price is around 26€ / 300gr; you can choose between energizing Kiwi/Mango, energizing Lemon Grass and de-stressing, cleansing Orange.

If you live in Brussels, you can purchase all Tromborg products at The Library.

The brand is 100% organic!

What’s your favorite body scrub?

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