Clinique Take The Day Off

Clinique Take The Day Off

OK, I was never a fan of cleansing balms! I don’t know why, probably because I don’t like heavy texture, however I was very curious about this product because I only heard positive things about it.

First of all, I love the packaging! The shape and size of the plastic jar are perfect for use.

The texture is solid and makes me think of coconut oil.

It has no fragrance at all (love this detail) and it melts to an oil when in contact with the warmness of the hands (without turning into a runny mess, though).

Take The Day Off Makeup by Clinique is a remover and a cleanser

Texture of Clinique Take The Day Off Cream

Description of Take The Day Off by Clinique

Clinique Take The Day Off Ingredients

Clinique Take The Day Off is a makeup remover and cleanser in one.

I usually need a nut-sized amount for the face and neck area. I melt the product between the palms and then massage it into the skin.

The formula is gentle, non-stripping and it removes all types of make-up instantly without irritating the skin; I can even open the eyes during the cleansing process because the balm doesn’t burn at all (and I’m VERY sensitive).

Clinique Take The Day Off leaves the skin soft, it rinses completely clean and it’s not greasy at all; and there’s no need to follow with a wipe of micellar water or foaming cleanser.

However, I prefer to use it together with a cleansing cloth.

It’s perfect for my face massage and it’s a pleasure to use it because it feels so comfy.

The formula doesn’t contain: fragrance, mineral oil, animal by-products, essential oils.

I recommend it to anyone because it’s truly the best cleanser ever.

In my opinion, it’s perfect for all skin types, from the most sensitive to the most acne-prone.

It comes in a large volume that will last a long while.

The price: €30/ 125ml and the product is made in Japan, which is interesting!

Have you already tried this product? If yes, what do you think of it?

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