4 Hottest Nail Polishes for the Summer

4 Nail Polishes for the Summer

Summer is here! More and more people are leaving for vacation and so I was thinking of creating a series dedicated to my favorite season! The articles will be short and will show you my beauty and make-up faves during this fun period of the year!

The first post is about nail polishes…what else!

I absolutely love shades of orange-based reds, vibrant orange and coral shades…and, of course, royal blue shades.

These colors look great regardless of whether or not we have tanned skin and are suitable for any age/ moment of the day.

  1. Chanel Coquelicot (I cracked the bottle because I accidentally dropped it on the bathroom floor 🙁 ), 23€, part of this year’s limited collection for summer – “Collection Mediterranée”;
  2. Chanel Coquelicot Nail Polish

  3. Chanel Holiday, 23€, part of the permanent collection;
  4. Chanel Holiday Nail Polish

  5. Dior Sailor, 25€, part of last year’s limited collection for summer;
  6. Dior Sailor Nail Polish

  7. Dior Aventure, 25€, part of the permanent collection;
  8. Dior Aventure Nail Polish

The manicure with any of these nail polishes lasts approximately one week, however I always apply this Mavala base coat as a step 1, then I apply 2 coats of nail polish and as a final step, I apply the top coat ‘Good to Go’ by Essie.

For my cuticles, which I usually cut, I only use this Mavala cuticle cream because it prolongs the ‘scissors operation’ up to 2-3 weeks.

Mavala Cuticle Treatment and Products

Do you like the nail polishes I have chosen for the Summer? Which are your options?

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