Tromborg Deluxe Sun Protection SPF 30 and Deluxe Herbal After Sun

Tromborg Deluxe Sun Protection High SPF 30

I must confess that I love sunbathing, I adore the golden skin and the way it feels after it’s tanned …in my opinion, tanned skin is sexy. So, over the years I learned (out of my mistakes) how to properly use sun protection creams.

I actually developed a ritual: practically, I use SPF 50+ for the face, neck and décolleté area (always), SPF 30 for the body during the first days of sunbathing and SPF 20 or 15 for the arms, hands, legs and feet after at least 1 week of sunbathing; so basically, I come to a point when I use 3 different products on my body and apply them every hour or so because I don’t want burned skin.

I also have learned that, in order for the skin to have a healthy colour and for the tan to last long…a very good quality after sun lotion is a must.

During this year’s summer vacation, I used Tromborg products.

I’ve been super lucky because the pr team has sent me a very nice package full of goodies at the beginning of June, so I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to test something new.

You know by now, that Tromborg is one of my favourite brands, simply because the quality is extraordinary, the products are organic, the textures are light and beautiful and because some of the active ingredients are essential oils and aloe vera.

Tromborg Deluxe Sun Protection High SPF 30

Deluxe Sun Protection High SPF 30 by Tromborg

Ingredients of Deluxe Sun Protection High SPF 30 by Tromborg

The Deluxe Sun Protection High SPF 30 is, the best sunscreen I’ve tried so far.

It has a very light and refreshing non-greasy texture which absorbs immediately without whitening the skin, it hydrates and protects the skin throughout the day; it actually acts like a calming balm, it keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free and it gives the skin a healthy golden glow.

It smells amazing, it’s weightless and the beautiful non-sticky texture makes the application effortless.

I like it so much, that I sometimes use it as a day cream, as well.

Tromborg Deluxe Herbal After Sun Cream

Deluxe Herbal After Sun Cream by Tromborg

Ingredients of Deluxe Herbal After Sun Cream by Tromborg

The Deluxe Herbal After Sun Cream is a must because it helps keeping the skin beautifully tanned for a long time, it cools and hydrates; the texture and smell are similar to the sun protection cream.

It seriously heals the epidermis and prevents peeling while being non-acnegenic and safe for both face and body.

On a daily basis, I use this product after showering as a body lotion and after shaving my legs for the beautiful calming and smoothing effect.

Tip: for an even higher refreshing level, store the cream in the fridge!

What are your favorite sunscreen products?

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