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Caudalie Premier Cru Review

Caudalie is one of my absolute favourite skincare brands. It’s efficient, it’s clean and it smells lovely. I’ve tried most of the brand’s products over the years and seen only positive results on my skin.

Premier Cru is a more expensive line and, in my opinion, suited for all of you ladies and gentlemen of 35+ or for those of you who deal with dry skin.

Premier Cru has a revamped packaging and most of the products have an improved formula:

  • The Cream (€103,80),
  • The Rich Cream (€103,80),
  • The Serum (€103,80) – which is a new addition to the line,
  • The Eye Cream (€56,30),
  • The Precious Oil (€61,60).


The Precious Oil

Caudalie | Premier Cru

Caudalie | Premier Cru

Caudalie | Premier Cru - The Precious Oil (detail)

Caudalie | Premier Cru – The Precious Oil (detail)

The Elixir was the first product I had tried from the range.

Now it’s called The Precious Oil and the bottle looks a little different but the formula is the same (in the photos you can see the original bottle).

I had waited impatiently back in 2015 for the product to launch here in Brussels and I think I was one of the first buyers.

It smells amazing, actually all products from this range smell similar (apart from the eye cream, which contains no perfume).

It’s a serum in oil which absorbs into the skin almost completely.

It smoothes the aspect of the skin and after about one week of using it, the skin looks fresh and glows beautifully.

Contains no silicons, parabens, mineral oils, colorings or animal ingredients.


The Eye Cream

Caudalie | Premier Cru - The Eye Cream & The Serum (detail)

Caudalie | Premier Cru - The Eye Cream (swatch)

Caudalie | Premier Cru – The Eye Cream (swatch)

The first time I tried this product, was also in 2015, a while after buying the oil.

Back then, the formula was silky and rich, perfect for dry skins.

The bottle that you can see in the photos contains a new formula.

The cream is perfume & silicone free, it has a dense texture, penetrates completely into the skin and has a matte finish.

I think it great for combination skin and might work on dry skins; the product is definitely not enough for very dry skin.

For me, this is the perfect formula since I have combination skin.

The Eye Cream hydrates, illuminates and refreshes the entire under eye area; as you know, I deal with under eye bags (mine are hereditary and don’t go away if I apply creams) and the product has a tightening effect which improves the under eye area, including the aspect of my under eye bags.

If you wake up with puffy eyes, you should try this cream, because it will make a difference. The product is suited for sensitive eyes (mine are very sensitive and I also wear contact lenses).


The Serum

Caudalie | Premier Cru - The Serum (swatch)

Caudalie | Premier Cru – The Serum (swatch)

This is the new addition to the line and has been in the works for five years at Harvard Medical School.

I received it in December at the perfect moment because my skin back then was really dry and I somehow felt that the skincare routine I was having was not efficient.

After just a few days of using the serum together with the cream, my skin looked healthier.

The Serum has a watery and milky formula which penetrates the skin completely, almost instantly; the product has a tightening, smoothing & refreshing effect.

A little goes a very long way, I need 3 pumps for the face, neck and décolleté area.

I love the air-free dispenser with pump which is made of glass.


The Rich Cream

Caudalie | Premier Cru - The Rich Cream (swatch)

Caudalie | Premier Cru – The Rich Cream (swatch)

The Rich Cream has a dense consistency however it feels very light on the skin and penetrates instantly without leaving any residue at the surface.

It is also a great makeup base.

In my opinion, it is suited for all skin types of 35+ from the most sensitive to the driest.

It smells like the rest of the line, fruity and fresh; the smell dissipates a few minutes after application.



Caudalie | Premier Cru

Caudalie | Premier Cru

After one month of using these products, my skin is definitely in better condition as it was at the beginning of this trial period.

The texture of my skin is more plump, hydrated, smooth; some of the fine lines have disappeared (I don’t have deep wrinkles yet) and the under eye bags have an improved aspect.

The skin looks generally refreshed and it glows like healthy skin.

If you want to try this line, I recommend that, in order to see important results, you should combine The Serum with The Cream.


Product samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

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