Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation With Mini Kabuki Brush

Although I’m not necessarily a Chanel fan- one reason being that all the beauty products have a pretty strong perfume; another, the fact that all the serums and creams have plastic containers- nevertheless I sometimes discover extraordinary beauty items, which remind me why Chanel is such a hot luxury brand.

Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation With Mini Kabuki Brush Spf 15 is one of these luxury products, a hybrid, a combination between foundation and loose powder.

I do not really use foundation, or sometimes I use a very light product (for years now, I love “Lingerie de Peau” by Guerlain because it feels extremely comfortable, it resists all day, it moisturizes and has adaptable coverage), because I rarely have imperfections on my skin.

Loose powders are my favorite make-up items and I needed one that perfectly manages oil without any ensuing cakiness.

Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation With Mini Kabuki Brush Spf 15

“A texture with the evanescence of a loose powder and the smoothing result of a fluid foundation. For a natural second-skin result with no hint of thickness and an amazingly even and smooth skin texture.

  • A new generation of high-definition light pigments that makes it possible to capture and diffuse softer light that is more flattering for the complexion.
  • Mica powder, which optimises light reflection for a natural satiny effect.
  • Canola oil derivative, which improves skin suppleness and provides a sensation of comfort on application and all day long.
  • A sunscreen for SPF 15 protection. “

My opinion

I can say with utmost sincerity: this product keeps all its promises…in fact, the above description doesn’t do it justice because, in my opinion, Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation offers even more.

It has a floral scent (not strong and very pleasant) that becomes relatively undetectable once applied.

The kabuki brush helps me apply the powder evenly, quickly and easily; size-wise it handles perfectly the tricky and smaller areas of the face.

Once applied, the product becomes one with the skin; as it warms up, it begins to fuse with the natural oils and gets even better with wear.

The complexion looks flawless and luminous; the product blurs pores, lines and wrinkles, it keeps shine away throughout the day, it manages oil perfectly and the coverage stays beautifully in place, without any signs of oxidation.

Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation also provides an excellent basis for the other elements of the makeup (in my case, blush and bronzer) and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day.

It has a buildable coverage and can be used as such or over a foundation; I sometimes use it only on my T-zone, other times, on the entire skin surface.

I generally only use a serum before applying Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation, or serum + face cream when I deal with dehydrated skin.

The stretchiness of the mesh sifter is perfect, acting as both a barrier to excess powder being kicked up, as well as enabling me to get the right amount of product per use.

Chanel recommends to tip the closed container over and tap it once on the bottom before righting and opening it, in order to release the powder into the upper compartment; I usually press my brush firmly down upon the sifter to pick up what I need.

There are five shades available (No. 10 to No. 50) and the price is approximatively 65€/ 10gr.

Are you a fan of loose powders? Do you have a favorite product?

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