Niche Perfumes: Worth the Hype?

End of September last year, I was invited to a very interesting beauty event where I had the absolute pleasure to see only the best niche brands on the market.

I was excited to be able to meet with Charles-Edouard Barthes, aka EviDenS De Beauté, one of the best skincare brands, in my opinion.

I’ve also had the pleasure to discover THE BEST haircare brand, in my opinion: MIRIAM QUEVEDO

Most of my time at the event, however I had dedicated to niche perfumes and learned that they are so very different from the luxury perfumes that we can buy in the usual perfumery.

The niche perfume houses are small houses and the products are developed by the best specialists.

They usually develop minimalistic packaging because they rather focus on the potion inside.

The perfumes have absolutely nothing in common with the more commercial perfumes, being quite superior to big houses including Guerlain & Chanel.

They are very unique fragrances which definitely don’t suit any tastes. They are so complex, that they cannot be worn anytime, in my opinion. The have so much character, that one must gradually adapt to them.

The niche perfumes are usually unisex.

I cannot describe perfumes and I don’t even try to, they create different experiences for each and every single one of us; however, regarding to niche perfumes I can only say that you definitely have to try them on several times before buying and that they are not for everyone.

Here are the ones I had received in my goodie bag:

  • Juliette Has a Gun – Sunny Side Up is a fragrance for women and my favourite (top notes: amyris, jasmin, vanilla absolute; middle notes: sandalwood, orris root, jasmine, coconut milk; base notes: ambrette, iso e super; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Les Liquides Imaginaires – Fleuve Tendre is a unisex fragrance and a favourite for me and my husband (top notes: black pepper, cardamom, cumin, saffron, nutmeg, coriander, mandarin orange; middle notes: petalia, geranium, rose water, musk, animal notes; base notes: vetiver, patchouli, incense, civet, musk, tonka bean, suede; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Brecourt – Subtile & Captive are both unisex fragrances that I absolutely love, however I cannot wear them, they are to powerful for me (Subtile – Top notes: bergamot, peony, rose; middle notes: blackberry, patchouli, rose; base notes: amber, musk, sandalwood. Captive– Top notes: orange blossom, jasmine; Middle notes: almond, heliotrope; base notes: incense, patchouli. Source: Fragrantica)

  • La Manufacture – Cologne Noble is a unisex fragrance (it features mandarin orange, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, oakmoss, iris, musk; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Olfactive Studio – Woody Mood is a unisex fragrance (top notes: bergamot, ginger, clary sage, saffron; middle notes: sequoia, nard himalayan, black tea, incense; base notes: patchouli, leather, styrax, cacao; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Amouage – Beach Hut Man has the most beautiful bottle (top notes: mint, orange blossom, galbanum; middle notes: vetiver, moss, ivy; base notes: myrrh, patchouli, woody notes; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Parfum D’Empire – Le Cri de la lumière is a unisex fragrance (top notes: bergamot, raspberry, aldehydes; middle notes: iris, turkish rose; base notes: woody notes, ambrette, musk, patchouli; Source: Fragrantica)

  • Starck – Peau de Soie is a fragrance for women (it features woody notes, animal notes, musk, powdery notes; Source: Fragrantica)

If you live in Brussels, you can find all the brands at Kroonen & Brown!


Product samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

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  • Wow, I love collecting perfumes whenever possible. For some reason, the Woody Mood bottle seems enticing. Ya, they need to be packaged well to for me to use them 🙂

  • Avatar Jean says:

    Perfume isn’t something I talk a lot about in my blog, but it’s definitely something that interests me. I also like your different unisex brands that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar hartwanders says:

    Im a boring person and i only have 2 perfumes. 1 for everday and 1 for special occasions. So seeing yout post makes me want to think about how i should be more adventurous when it comes to perfume. Lol

  • Avatar Andrea says:

    these are all great perfumes, my aunt travels a lot and loves to get different perfumes in different places and i know she would love this.

  • Avatar Agentszerozerosetter says:

    Agree, niche perfumes are a completely different experience! I tested some of them in the past and really enjoyed how unique some of these fragrances can be!

  • Avatar Asha Raval says:

    I just really started to get into perfumes! I have been loving the Tocca fragrances, but your post is so good and make me want to try more of these niche and unique smaller lines.

    Great work!!


  • Thanks for this informative post with so many new options. I usually wear the same fragrance all the time since I haven’t found one I like better. I try samples of new ones often but still go back to the same one as always

  • Avatar Pujarini says:

    Wow! A beautiful collection of niche perfumes. I didn’t know that they generally are unisex. I love collecting perfumes so thanks for sharing this post.

  • Perfume is small, but important! Great read

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    These all look like a great lineup of products! Some definite great summer staples.

  • Avatar Wanda Lopez says:

    I’m all over your goodie bag. Love bottles that are pretty and girly. Great selection!

  • Avatar KS Rao says:

    First time seeing an unisex perfume, impressive collection though, and rest of them too..!

  • Avatar Minakshi Bajpai says:

    just love the packaging. I love musky sort of fragrance. will buy them

  • I wonder how all these smell! i don’t have a perfume collection and got only few of them either lol.

  • These all look amazing. I love the bottle for Starck – Peau de Soie, but I think I’d try the Brecourt – Subtile & Captive one. I love that they are unisex – that’s very interesting!

  • Avatar Meagan Badore says:

    Wow this is an interesting event to attend and experience all of those different fragrances. I am more of a light and airy fragrance person.