Let’s Talk About Hair Oils

Let’s talk about hair oils

Hair oils are “IT” beauty products…we can choose between 100% natural, raw, organic oils or we can select something from a beauty store…regardless of our choice, oils are very beneficial for the hair, easy to use, convenient and for every pocket.

I discovered them a couple of years ago, when I decided that I want long, healthy looking hair that grows fast. I started using raw olive oil:  1-2 minutes of gentle scalp massage with warm oil every 2-3 days for 2 months. I used to let the product work for about 4 hours and after the treatment I used to wash my hair with an organic shampoo. The results were amazing…very healthy, smooth, shiny and thick hair. So, even nowadays, when I want to give my hair a boost, I use this extraordinary oil.

If I deal with scalp sensitivity or dandruff, I like to use raw coconut oil; besides all the other important benefits, it is antibacterial, antifungal, it calms my scalp immediately and leaves the hair very shiny and silky.

During the cold season, I use to combine equal parts of olive, coconut, argan, avocado and castor -oil; after heating this mix on bain-marie, I’m applying it on the scalp and on the length of every hair strand. It hydrates, revitalizes, combats hair loss, strengthens the fiber and helps the hair grow faster and healthier.


Hair Oils from L'Oréal and Caudalie

During summer, I like oils that are lighter and easier to use. I absolutely love the Divine Oil from Caudalie and the Extraordinary Oil from L’Oréal. I use to apply these products only on the tips of my hair where the area is dehydrated. They offer heat protection while rejuvenating damaged hair, reducing split ends and taming frizz.


What is your opinion about hair oils? Do you use them? What are your favourites?

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  • So useful article! Good info on the oils you’re using. I also use raw oils for my hair, but also for my body. Ricin oil for the scalp – that helps with fast growing of the hair, olive oil mixed with honey and coconut oil for the hair, almond oil with tea tree oil for my face in combination with water so that it will be absorbed fast, argan oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter for the body. Quite extreme rituals I have, but it helps so much! And Kerastase Elixir Oil when the hair is clean and fresh. Keep up the good work, Georgia! Hugs!

  • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

    Thank you for your visit! I love cocoa butter myself…your routines are complex and with extreme benefits for the skin, surely…thank you for sharing! Hugs