Nail Art for Valentines Day

Nail Art for Valentines Day

Every holiday has it’s own nail art and Valentines Day nails are usually filled with pretty red and pink hearts. But you can keep the tradition without becoming overly cute or girly.

For this V- Day I have tried to keep my nails somewhat sophisticated so I can celebrate the holiday and still be taken seriously.

I changed the pink or red polish to a purple and I tried to make the hearts blend in to the background a little bit, making the obligatory hearts more subtle.

Field Fox CND Vinylux, A-England Princess Tears and Ninja Polish Passion Shift nail polishes

I started with a polish shade which I think always looks elegant, a light taupe colored nude. This one is called Field Fox and is a CND Vinylux polish.

This polish has an outstanding formula and I used two smooth coats.

Over this neutral base I did a holographic purple gradient using A-England Princess Tears, a pale lavender holo and Ninja Polish Passion Shift, a holographic and multi- chromatic polish that shifts from purple to blue.

Valentine Day Nail Designs

For those who have never done a gradient, you take the polish you want to mix and paint them next to each other on a sponge, a makeup sponge or a bathroom sponge will work.

After that you dab the colors onto you’re nails with the sponge. For this gradient look I dabbed the sponge from one corner of the nail so it covers the nail in a diagonal line.

For a nicely blended gradient you should repeat this 2-3 times and then use two layers of topcoat.

Valentines Day Nails Easy

The two hearts are painted with the darker multi-chrome purple that I also used in the gradient on the tip of the nail.

That makes them fade into the gradient, that starts with a lighter purple.

And finally as an extra detail I added lavender studs in the corner of the tips.

Valentines Day Nails

I felt very comfortable wearing this Valentines Day nail art, I am embracing the tradition without loosing my style.

Is this something you could wear on you’re nails this weekend or are you at least getting a manicure?

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  • Avatar Ilda says:

    E senzationala manichiura, uimitor de frumoasa! Cum nu se poate mai inspirata, din toate punctele de vedere! As admira-o la nesfarsit, e o delectare… m-am pierdut prin imaginile cu ea!:)
    Felicitari Petrei! Felicitari tie pentru colaborare!

    Spuneai ca nu sarbatoresti, Georgia, dar iti spun: Happy VDay, Happy Saturday!

    Lavender Thoughts

    • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

      Multumim, Ilda! Si mie mi se pare extraordinara manichiura…evident ca sunt de parere ca poate fi purtata oricand, nu neaparat doar de VDay! Te pup si eu…suntem norocoase noi doua fiindca putem oricand sa sarbatorim aceasta zi, nu doar azi 😉

  • Avatar Cecilia says:

    Oh, I love Petra’s style! She always finds really wearable designs I could wear day-to-night and, like she said, still ‘be taken seriously’ 🙂 that’s sometimes hard to pull off when your nails are shining like 10 disco balls 🙂
    I have some watercolors on for V day and I hope I can get away with them since it’s the weekend and I don’t have to deal with the weekdays routine:

    • Avatar Georgia Boanoro says:

      I agree, Petra has real talent!! Even if I don’t usually wear nailart manicure, I still love everything she creates and would like to try some of her designs! Thank you for the visit and for your link, I will check your blog!