My Verso Facial Day

Hello Ladies! How was your weekend? Mine was great because I have spent the entire Saturday afternoon at my favorite beauty store here in Brussels, I mean at Kroonen & Brown!

It was a special Verso day, so I have received an anti-aging facial made entirely with the superb products of this great brand, which is one of my favorites, by the way.

In case you didn’t already know, Verso is an innovative skin care range from Sweden with products based on Retinol 8, a revolutionary Vitamin A complex.

So, let me tell you all the details, because this service will be a permanent one beginning with next year and you wouldn’t want to miss a Verso Facial!

First, I had coffee, of course and afterwards, I laid down on the most comfortable heated bed in the most Zen little room, where a precious candle was perfuming the air in the most delicate way.

The primary purpose of the Verso Facial day was for the guests to learn more about this brand, to see how the products work, but also to meet the new Verso product, the cleansing cloth.

This exfoliating cloth is 100% cotton and must be used moist together with the Verso Foaming Cleanser on the entire face and neck area in order to achieve a deep cleanse.

At the moment, it is sold only together with the foaming cleanser, but it will be available for separate selling soon; the price will be 19€ for a package of 3 cloths, which can be reused because they are washable, even in the washing machine.

My 45min facial was adapted to the needs of my skin and after removing the make-up, the esthetician applied the foaming cleanser and thoroughly massaged the product on the entire face and neck area in order to exfoliate the epidermis ; the next step was to moisten the cloth in warm water and cleanse and exfoliate the skin even more.

On damp skin, she then applied the Verso Super Facial Oil and performed a complete face and neck massage for about 20 minutes…absolutely fantastic and very relaxing.

The next step was the application of the Verso Super Eye Serum and a short eye massage.

The final step was the application of the Verso Super Facial Serum, about which I’ll go into more details in an upcoming review.

The result of the Verso facial session: hydrated, smooth, plump skin and relaxed senses!

The price for a session was €50 comprising a €30 voucher to spend during that day on Verso products.

If you would like to know more about Verso, check out CSA Cosmetics.

If you would like to stay up to date about special initiatives, offers and happy Friday’s (organised the first Friday of each month), check out Kroonen & Brown.

What do you think about exfoliating cloths, do you usually use them in your skin care routine?

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