4 Fabulous Red Nail Polishes for Christmas

4 Fabulous Red Nail Polishes for Christmas

The winter holidays are almost here and I’m obsessed with the red colour because, besides being so suitable for this period of the year, it is also stylish, chic and sexy; it never goes out of style and everyone can wear this colour at least on their nails.

Here are my red nail polishes for Christmas!

4 Fabulous Red Nail Polishes for Christmas Animation

Dior Vernis Massaï 853 (€25/ 10 ml)

This nail lacquer is a classic deep red with a creamy texture and a hint of berry undertone.

It was released in the new Gel Shine Long Wear Formula and promoted again with Dior’s Fall 2014 collection.

It gives full coverage in 2 coats and a nice glossy finish.

The perfect shaped brush makes the application really easy and the nail polish is long lasting, it wears more than one week (however I always use base and top coat, which make each varnish resist longer on the nails).

Dior Vernis Massaï 853 Nail Polish

Manicure Made with Dior Vernis Massaï 853

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture in Rouge Pop Art (€ 24/ 10ml)

Is a classic red with an orange undertone, beautiful, timeless, chic.

I like to wear it all the time, no matter the season (it looks fabulous in summer when the skin is tanned…it also looks really sexy on toe nails).

The Formula is creamy and evens out over the nail with such ease; the brush makes a perfectly shaped manicure with a gorgeous high shine finish.

It wears more than one week with top coat and it doesn’t stain.

YSL La Laque Couture Holiday Collection 1 Rouge Pop Art Nail Lacquer

Manicure Made with Yves-Saint-Laurent La Laque Couture Holiday Collection 1 Rouge Pop Art

Chanel Dragon 475 (€25/ 13ml)

This is the classic red! It has an intense and pigmented crème shade which barely needs more than one coat to be fully opaque, however I always apply 2 coats.

The formulas in Chanel’s varnishes are slightly thinner in viscosity which, in my opinion, makes the application a bit difficult; also, I’m not very fond of the brush because it’s too thin.

Other than that, I really love this nail polish because it wears for 7 days straight without chipping and because it dries very fast.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 475 Dragon Nail Lacquer

Manicure Made With Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 475 Dragon

Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust 16 (€34/ 12ml)

This nail polish is a deep, creamy, beautiful bordeaux.

It needs 2 coats to be fully opaque and the formula resembles the one from Chanel, thinner in viscosity.

The brush is thin and makes application a bit tricky for me, I usually need a correcting pen after I apply this varnish.

It has a perfect high shine finish and it wears more than one week without chipping.

Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust Nail Lacquer

Manicure Made with Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust

Quick manicure tips

Red hues are more difficult to apply and so just prepare a good quality correcting pen next to you!

Make sure to get polish only on one side of the brush, since it gives you more control.

Start in the middle of the nail and upwards towards the cuticle.

Then follow that same line down towards the tip of the nail.

Follow the same procedure on the right and left side of the nail.

quick manicure tips

If the formula becomes thicker in time, use a nail polish thinner, NEVER a nail polish remover.

My favourite is this one from Mavala (€10/ 10ml)!

Mavala Thinner for Nail Polish

What is your favourite red nail polish?

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