The Perfect DIY Manicure in 9 Easy Steps

The Perfect DIY Manicure in 9 Easy Steps

Hey there, pretty ladies! I guess you already know by now, that I’m obsessed with hands and nails; for me, an impeccable manicure is equally important as having clean clothes and freshly washed hair.

I’ve been taking care of my nails since I was 14 and for me, DIY manicure is a hobby, it’s something that I like to do every week.

So, here are the steps that I take:

  1. I first prepare all the needed tools and then I get rid of the previous nail polish…this is how my manicure looks after 7 days, pretty OK I dare say.
  2. Step 1 - tools needed for the manicure

    Step 1 - get rid of previous nail polish

  3. I push back the cuticles.
  4. Step 2 - pushing back the cuticles

  5. I trim my cuticles…I know this is a sensitive subject and I don’t recommend you to touch your cuticles with the scissors; however, I’ve been doing this for the last 23 years and I cannot stop.
  6. Step 3 - trimming the cuticles

  7. I cut the nails short…I like them very short and with a squared oval shape.
  8. Step 4 - cutting the nails

  9. I file the nails.
  10. Step 5 - filing the nails

  11. In order to keep my nails healthy and for the polish to last all week long, I apply a base: Mavala’s Barrier-Base Coat (12€/ 10ml) is fantastic, I recommend it!
  12. Step 6 - Mavala Barrier Base Coat

    Step 6 - healthy nails

  13. I apply 2 coats of my favorite nail polish.
  14. Step 7 - 2 layers coating of nail polish

  15. I remove the small nail polish application mistakes with Herôme Corrector Pen (16€).
  16. Step 8 - removing nail polish application mistakes

  17. I apply the best ever top coat: Essie’s Good to Go! (15€/ 13,5ml).
  18. Step 9 - nail top coating

    Step 9 - Essie Good To Go!

    Step 9 - Good To Go nail polish by Essie

Although I wash dishes every day without wearing any gloves (I also have a washing machine, but there are small objects which need manual intervention), following these steps and using these products keep my manicure in good shape throughout the week, which is a reasonable period of time for a classic manicure.

In my opinion, it doesn’t very much matter what brand of nail polish you use.

But if you are really interested in DIY manicure, my utmost recommendation would be for you to buy yourself a very good quality base and top coat!

What is your favorite base and top coat?

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