Deutarium | Skintonic Vitamin C & Skinclear HD

Deutarium Skintonic Vitamin C & Skinclear HD

A few months ago, I met the founders of this 100% Belgian beauty brand Deutarium, and I received their first two skincare products, the Skintonic and the Skinclear.

Deutarium was born after 10 years of research in rejuvenation and develops dermocosmetics of pharmaceutical quality.

The serums are highly concentrated and their unique formula acts directly inside the skin cells.

Each product is free of preservatives, allergens, parabens, colorants.

They are perfume-free and don’t stain.

I’m a fan of beauty products which have a high concentrate of Vitamin C and the Skintonic and Skinclear HD have the highest possible content of this ingredient.

Deutarium Skintonic Vitamin C (€89,00/ 15ml) | This serum promises to be a stimulating rejuvenator which reduces the wrinkles and detoxifies the skin cells.

Deutarium Skintonic Vitamin C

Deutarium | Skintonic Vitamin C

Deutarium Skintonic Vitamin C Pipette

Deutarium | Skintonic Vitamin C (dispenser)

Deutarium Skintonic Vitamin C Ingredients

Deutarium | Skintonic Vitamin C (ingredients list)

The serum is actually a very light oil which penetrates the epidermis completely without leaving any sticky or greasy residue at the surface.

Although it promises to be perfume-free, it has a fragrance which reminds me of plastic.

It is a very powerful and complex product which, in my opinion, cannot be used all the time, it’s more like a treatment.

I like to use it each month for a two week long cure.

The effects are instant, the product smooths and illuminates the complexion after the very first use.

It cures rapidly all imperfections from acne and generally improves the look of the skin.

It smoothes fine lines, shrinks the pores and blurs my pigmentation spots.

It is very efficient against dull and tired skin.

Deutarium Skinclear HD (€99,00/ 15ml) | This serum promises to clear brown spots and to tone the skin with its high rate of vitamin c and antioxidants.

Deutarium Skinclear HD

Deutarium | Skinclear HD

Deutarium Skinclear HD Pipette

Deutarium | Skinclear HD (dispenser)

Deutarium Skinclear HD Ingredients

Deutarium | Skinclear HD (ingredients list)

This serum has a slightly oily formula which, like the Skintonic, penetrates the skin completely.

I like to use it after the Skintonic and to wait approximatively 15 minutes between the applications.

The citrus scent of this product is very discreet and disappears after application.

The Skinclear HD acts on the pigmentation spots and refreshes the skin.

It offers a boost to the epidermis and represents a great make-up base.

I use both of the products each morning on cleansed face and neck, they work to perfection one after the other but can be used independently as well.


The Skintonic Vitamin C and the Skinclear HD are very powerful skin treatments and should be treated accordingly!

They improve the general look of the complexion and rejuvenate the epidermis.

They are a essential if our objective is smoothing down fine lines and keeping pigmentation spots under control.

Those of you who have sensitive skin, should better not use these products, in my opinion, they could be too aggressive.

If I use them more than 2 weeks, the serums have a drying effect on my skin, so, I don’t think they are suitable for dry complexions.

Although, they are developed in order to protect the skin against UV, I’m more comfortable with using them during the cold season; I don’t like the idea of using illuminating products during the sunny months.

The products are made in Belgium and you can buy them at Beauty by Kroonen & Brown.

What do you think about these products? Would you like to try them?

Have you ever tried skincare products which contain Vitamin C?

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