Casual Friday: the Romanian T-Shirt by Adrian Oianu

Romanian T-Shirt by Adrian Oianu

Adrian Oianu is my favorite Romanian designer! Besides the fact that all of his creations are absolutely wonderful, the way he manages to incorporate the tradition in his clothing that can be worn regardless of silhouette, age, season or day-time absolutely fascinates me.

I’m a lucky owner of a Romanian T-Shirt, the one that I feature here today; it was my last year’s birthday present to myself and represents my favorite clothing item.

From the first moment I saw it, I felt that somehow it transmits positive energy, I can sense that it has been created with love (and I’m sure it was).

The Romanian Tee is a complex and extraordinary project and I invite you to read more about it on Adrian Oianu’s website.

Respect for this designer who loves the beautiful Romanian tradition and who tries to save elements of the traditional costume.

Have you ever had the chance to see or touch a 50-100 years old traditional Romanian blouse (Ie)?

I have and I can tell you honestly that only few of the hand-sewn details that are created today (luxury designers included) can be compared with the painstaking work, perfection of the embroidery and beauty of the patterns that our grandmothers and great grandmothers have invested in these pieces, which are now true rarities.

The details on each Romanian T-Shirt (which is actually a collection and includes skirts, dresses, coats, etc.) were rescued from very old Romanian traditional blouses.

I don’t own many dresses, so I obviously have chosen this one when I was invited to a luncheon held in Paris; before reaching the place itself I went for a walk on the streets to take photos featured in this article.

For a touch of elegance I accessorized the Romanian T-Shirt with heeled sandals (Steve Madden) and a more elegant handbag (Massimo Dutti); sunglasses are D & G, cardigan H & M.

It was the first time I wore heels with this piece; I usually opt for Converse sneakers, ballet flats or flat sandals; in addition to cardigans, it looks fabulous with a coat, biker jacket or denim jacket.

So there are a lot of matching options, and all of them look great next to my Romanian T-Shirt.

The price of this piece was about €200, and you can find plenty of options if you check out the online boutique.

All of them are limited edition or one of a kind.

Because I don’t live in Bucharest, I wrote an email in which I selected the desired design; I was asked to give my size and based on that, I received a few options which matched it.

I chose the one that I liked best; the package arrived very quickly and the dress fit me to a tee.

Customer service is impeccable and you have the feeling that you are part of a family.

Front View of the Romanian Tee


Romanian Traditional Dress


Back view of the Romanian T-shirt


Romanian T-shirt with Accessories


Romanian Tee and Accessories


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