Beach Couture – Luxury Clothing for the Summer

I met Alex and Dalia- the founders of Beach Couture– during press day organized by Ariane Abramowicz Press & Public Relations.

Beach Couture is a luxurious brand which offers clothing items inspired by sunny holidays on exotic islands.

These two ladies have an exquisite taste for fashion, I saw this, the first moment I saw them; and everything they design shows good taste, attention to detail and high standards.

The brand concept is very interesting, it is based on the reinvention of the beach dress, a clothing item which, in my opinion, speaks out femininity, relaxation, comfort, lazy summer days, tanned and sexy skin; Dalia and Alex managed to gather all these images and express them as precious caftans.

Les pièces de résistance of this brand are lightweight and luxurious tunics which remind us of the holiday at the beach but can be worn and accessorized in order to fit the day to day life.

They are the kind of clothes that are suitable for each body shape and their colors highlight any carnation.

The tunics can be worn as such during the hot summer days; or they can be combined with pants and cardigans when the weather is not so friendly.

These precious pieces suggest the perfect bohemian-chic style while matched with a pair of flared jeans and lots of jewelry they express the retro style which is very en vogue again.

The used materials are of the highest quality and vary from silk to cotton, or linen.

Alex and Dalia design accessories as well, which are absolutely fabulous. My favorite belt is the one in the photos and is made of fine leather.

The prices for the clothing pieces range from 200€ to 290€ (depending on the fabric and the length of the tunic) and the leather belts cost about 160€.

What do you think about tunics? Do you find them suitable only for the holidays or would you like to reinvent them for everyday wear during the summer?

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