6 Awesome Luxury Nail Polishes for Fall/Winter 2015

6 Nail Polishes You'll Be Dying to Buy for Fall/Winter 2015

Hello ladies! The end of the week is quickly approaching, so I was thinking of showing you what colors I like to wear on my nails during these cold months and maybe inspire you for a stylish weekend manicure.

I love dark colors, they are my favorites and each Autumn I wait for my beloved brands to reveal their collections.

This year, I was very delighted with Dior’s fall collection, named ‘Cosmopolite’.

Dior is one of my favorite brands when it comes to nail polishes because of the superb brushes and the texture of the varnishes, which is rich, not too liquid and not too thick.

They also resist very well on the nails, but sometimes it happens for the darker shades to stain (even if you’re wearing top notch base coat).

Another brand that I like is Chanel, however I find the brushes of the nail polishes to thin and I’m disappointed with some of the colors, which don’t resist very long.

This year’s winter collection ‘Rouge Noir’ is absolutely fabulous, in my opinion it’s one of Chanel’s best makeup collections.

Although the Rouge Noir nail polish, which you can see in the photos, doesn’t resist very much on the nails (it looks impeccable about 4 days and top coat is absolutely necessary), the rest of the collection is excellent and the other nail varnish (‘Rose Fusion’) is very resistant.

Guerlain is my number one when it comes to skincare, however I generally find their makeup collections quite boring.

This year’s Winter holiday collection ‘Neige et Merveilles’ surprised me with the most beautiful purple nail polish ever.

The formula is fantastic: cruelty-free and free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Resin, Camphor.

The brush is very easy to use because it’s wide and flat (it resembles the nail polish brushes from Dior).

Louboutin is my favorite shoe brand and whatever this guy creates, I find fantastic!

The beauty ranges are terribly expensive but I’m a nail polish addict and I recommend at least the ‘Rouge Louboutin’ for those of you who like to own something special.

The shade is fabulous, the bottle is a piece of art and the varnish resists 7 days long on my nails (if I wear top coat).

Now, let’s admire these 6 nail polishes that must be in your cosmetic bag during fall/winter 2015!

Chanel Rouge Noir

From Chanel’s Rouge Noir Collection for Winter
22€/ 13ml

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 18 Rouge Noir

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 18 Rouge Noir - Dark Purpled Berry with Cream Finish

Chanel Rose Fusion

From Chanel’s Rouge Noir Collection for Winter

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 757 Rose Fusion

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 757 Rose Fusion - the Perfect Shade for Fall-Winter

Amazing Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 757 Rose Fusion

Dior Miroir 001

From Dior’s Cosmopolite Collection for Fall

Dior in Miroir 001

Dior in Miroir 001 - Light Silver Chrome with Mirror Finish

Dior Black Out

From Dior’s Cosmopolite Collection for Fall

Dior in Black Out 982

Dior in Black Out 982 - Sparkling Black Creme

Guerlain Nuit Merveilleuse

From Guerlain’s Neige et Merveilles Holiday Collection

Guerlain Nuit Merveilleuse

Louboutin’s Red Louboutin

A must-have for every nail polish collector!

Louboutin - Red Louboutin

Vibrant Red Louboutin Nail Polish

Louboutin - Red Louboutin - Suited to Any Skin Tone

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What colors do you like to wear on your nails during the cold season?

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