4 Products That Hydrate and Protect Your Hair During the Summer

4 Hair Products for the Summer

My complexion requires a totally different kind of care during summer, just like my hair. It ends tend to be dry all the time but when they come in contact with the sun, the situation is getting worse. So, here is my list of products that help my hair stay shiny, hydrated, supple and styled.


Hydrate Mask by Wella Professionals

This mask is absolutely phenomenal! It moisturizes the hair and leaves it silky and shiny.

I apply the product after washing my hair and strictly on the ends; after 5 minutes, I rinse with warm water. The product is very consistent and I need just a very small quantity for my hair. It can be bought in hair salons and in professional beauty stores (23.00€ / 200ml).

Hydrate Mask from Wella Professionals

Hydrate Mask Cream

Ingredients of Hydrate Mask


Extraordinary Oil by L’Oréal Elseve

I have already talked about this hair oil. This product is cheap (14.90€ / 100ml), good and indispensable!

I apply it only on the hair ends after using the hair dryer; the product provides flexibility, shine and the extremely appreciated “wet look”.

Extraordinary Oil from L'Oréal Elsève

Ingredients of Extraordinary Oil


Hair and Skin Hydrator from the SUN range by Wella Professionals

When I’m on vacation at the seaside or on warm days when I wash my hair and I don’t want to use the dryer, I apply this product on the entire length of my hair because it acts as a treatment: it hydrates and it protects from the sun.

After washing my hair, I towel it dry and then I apply this no-rinse lotion; it can also be used on the skin, but I haven’t tried it. It can be bought in hair salons and in professional beauty stores (15.00€ / 150ml).

Hair and Skin Hydrator - Sun Range - Wella Professionals

Nozzle of Hair and Skin Hydrator - Sun Range

Sample of Hair and Skin Hydrator - Sun Range

Ingredients of Hair and Skin Hydrator - Sun Range


Thickefy Foam by Sebastian

It is my product of choice when I want to style my hair. This foam is very light, non-aggressive, non-sticky and it provides natural volume. It can be used on both wet and dry hair. It can be bought in hair salons and in professional beauty stores(20.00€ / 200ml).

Tickefy Foam from Sebastian

Nozzle of Thickefy Foam

Sample of Thickefy Foam

Ingredients of Thickefy Foam


Have you already tried some of my favourite hair products for the summer? What products do you use/recommend in order to keep healthy and beautiful hair during the summer?

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